nagels manufactures parking tickets and permits that feature a range of technological applications, including magnetic stripes, barcodes and RFID. We ensure the smooth running of operations of all types of parking systems, including pay and display and pay on foot barrier systems. As the world’s largest international parking ticket manufacturer, it is our aim to provide solutions and support that respond to the ever-changing demands of the parking sector, simultaneously driving forward new developments and initiatives in the industry.

Our customers

nagels manufactures more than 1,000 different ticket types for a wide range of industries. Whatever you need, from a standard option to an entirely custom design, we’ll provide the perfect solution.
Here are a few of the major markets for our tickets:

System Integrators

If you are working on developing new equipment, we can support the entire process, guaranteeing that your machines run smoothly on tickets without any errors or disruptions.

Shopping Centres and Hospitals

Major shopping malls and hospitals with parking facilities use pay on foot systems and pay and display machines to manage their facilities. nagels, with more OEM approval certifications than any other ticket manufacturer, is your natural choice as your ticket partner.


City Authorities need reliable tickets to manage their on-street and off-street parking to ensure effective traffic management. Whether on-street or off-street,
we will create tailor made ticket solutions for your parking facility.


We provide a great range of specialist enforcement products, which are customized to the specific needs of the parking operator or City Authority.


Our pay on foot magnetic and barcode ticketing products are used in many of the world’s major airport parking facilities. In addition, we offer RFID tags or smart
cards providing access control.

Management Companies

Many management companies run parking facilities with a pay on foot system
and pay and display machines from different suppliers. Who better to choose to supply all your tickets than nagels as we have more approvals and recommendations from the OEMs to ensure the smooth running of all your parking operations.


In some countries, nagels offers to sell advertising on the reverse side of the
parking facility tickets. The revenue stream this creates allows nagels to reduce the cost of tickets to the parking operator or City Council.

RFID & Parking

Tickets, tags, labels & PVC cards

Our RFID solutions are inexpensive to purchase and due to contactless, secure and fast data transfer they offer comfort and time saving while parking. On the one hand material and disposal costs can be reduced by the use of paper-based tickets, windshield-tags or plastic cards and maintenance cost on the other hand.

Especially the RFID windshield label offers various advantages in comparison to conventional parking solutions. It ensures an efficient and safe access control and is simply attached on the windshield of the car. Using passive UHF technology a reach of 5 meters (16ft) can be achieved without any additional batteries. The windshield label is made of durable PVC materials and is therefore permanently temperature- and UV resistant.

We offer a wide range of different sizes, special safety features and custom-made production.

Case Study

How nagels tickets work at natures limits…

Learn how we operate: An Arabic management company needed nagels help to solve a hot case.

As the international leader in parking ticket manufacture and supply, nagels was asked by a Middle East car park operator to provide technical and developmental support. The parking facility is a big, open car park exposed to extreme environmental influences. Temperatures in the car park can rise up to 50° Celsius during the peak of the day. Its current tickets in use weren’t able to meet the demands of the environment.

Equipped with a barcode system, our client was using barcode tickets delivered by another ticket supplier. Due to a lack of technical know-how and quality management, tickets exhibited major functional failures. Many Middle Eastern customers often keep their parking tickets inside the car, underneath the windscreen. The problem was that inside the vehicle the temperatures rise to 70° Celsius and more. Since barcode tickets are manufactured using thermal papers, the tickets turned black in the heat of the sun and the barcode became unreadable. The net result was a financial loss for the parking operator and frustrated customers.

In order to prevent changing the parking system, which would have had huge financial implications, a barcode ticket was needed that was resistant to the extreme heat while remaining fully functional.

We developed a barcode ticket resistant against extreme environmental conditions but still suitable for barcode technology. The client was therefore able to resume normal operations without further disruption to the operation of the car park. In addition, we presented our e-portal ticket management system, allowing the customer to reorder tickets online, manage and view stock levels, and control delivery of their customised tickets.

Our technical team identified suitable thermal coatings and materials required for a heat-resistant barcode ticket. As the test results were positive, we manufactured and delivered the nagels tickets for field testing at our own cost. Our technical team also provided onsite support to guarantee flawless implementation.


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